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Seeking compensation for a birth injury makes a bold statement

We recently discussed shoulder dystocia and why proper management of it are vital during labor and delivery. This is only one of the possible risks a woman in labor might have to face. Some people say that a woman is never closer to death than when she is giving birth. With that in mind, you can easily understand why medical professionals have to take steps that could help to keep the woman and her unborn baby away from death's door.

Seek compensation when your child is injured

In our previous blog post, we discussed some facts about brain injuries. These facts are important because they help us to understand the scope of the issues that can occur when a person suffers a brain injury. While a brain injury is always something that is hard to cope with, the difficulties might seem increased when your child is the one who has suffered a brain injury.

Know traumatic brain injury facts

Traumatic brain injury is often thought of as being a concussion and other conditions related to concussions. While the concussion is the most common type of TBI, it is far from the only one. Diffuse axonal injuries, penetrating injuries and contusions are some of the other forms of TBI that people can suffer from.

Hypoxic-anoxic brain injury outcomes vary greatly

The human brain uses around one-fifth of the oxygen the body uses to function. This fact alone shows just how important it is for the brain to have oxygen at all times. When the brain doesn't get the oxygen it needs to function, it is likely that the person will suffer a hypoxic-anoxic brain injury. This type of brain injury is very serious.

Diagnostic testing for concussions might be changing

Anyone who has ever suffered from a head injury likely knows that getting a firm diagnosis about brain damage is often difficult. In many cases, such as when the injury to the brain isn't severe, doctors can have a difficult time making an actual diagnosis. Your symptoms and the fact that you suffered a blow to the head are often considered. In some cases, the doctor might even order a CT scan. That CT scan can let the doctor see a serious issue, such as a brain bleed, but it is unlikely to reveal a minor to moderate brain injury.

Care needs vary greatly for cerebral palsy patients

The topic of our previous blog was cerebral palsy causes and some points about cerebral palsy. As you read that blog, you probably realized how important it is for a child with cerebral palsy to have proper medical care and support. One way that parents might choose to get that medical care and support is to seek compensation if the cerebral palsy was caused by medical malpractice or negligence.

What is cerebral palsy and what causes it?

Parents who discover that their child has cerebral palsy likely have a lot of questions. Getting answers to the questions can help them to learn about their child's condition. It can also help them to determine if they are going to seek compensation for their child's injury.

Birth injuries: Possible causes and ways to cope with the effects

Children who suffer from birth injuries, including conditions like cerebral palsy, often face a lifetime of special medical needs. In some cases, the child might also need assistive devices and other special care. All of those factors can lead to a significant strain on the family's budget.

Caring for a child with a brain injury is difficult and expensive

A child who suffers from a traumatic brain injury might face a life that is filled with adjustments. While the child is still living at home, the child's parents play a very important role in helping the child learn to adjust to limitations that might be necessary. This can often have a big impact on the family's life, which means that a TBI in a child doesn't affect only the child.


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