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July 2016 Archives

Some doctors questioning labor induction guidelines

It has long been the established guideline of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that women aren't induced until they are 42-weeks pregnant. The induction can be considered a week earlier but shouldn't be done until that mark. Of course, this is unless there are medical issues present with the pregnancy.

Birth injuries mustn't be overlooked, watch for the symptoms

When your baby is born, you are probably going to ooh and ahh over the perfect little newborn. Some parents might initially go through that stage of awe and then begin to notice that something is amiss with the baby. In some cases, that might mean that the baby was the victim of a birth injury.

Fetal distress is a serious risk for an unborn baby

Fetal distress is a serious condition that obstetricians and other medical professionals must be cognizant of when they are treating a pregnant woman for any medical condition. When the fetus is in distress, there is a chance that irreparable damage can occur. If that damage does happen, parents might choose to seek compensation for medical malpractice.


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